Monday, April 26, 2010

David's Trail Expedition

David's Trail is a network of public, multi-use trails built to encourage an active, outdoor lifestyle. The trail makes up a 50+ mile network that surrounds Lake Norfork in north central Arkansas. It was built in memory of a Mountain Home, Arkansas, businessman, David Floyd (1955-2006). David's widow, Cindi Floyd, is shown in the lower right photo of this collage, standing next to one of the trail markers at Panther Bay park.

Although I had been reading about the trail since its beginning, my first visit to it was last week when a group from the "Women Hiking the Ozarks" (see my Tyler Bend blog from last month to learn more about "WHO") met there for one of our weekly outings. The lower left photo shows Kim Pace (with the red baseball hat) giving out sacks of David's Trail gear to the WHO members present that day. Kim is aptly named, as she might be thought of as the "Pace Car" for the David's Trail movement, helping folks in the area become familiar with all it has to offer. The middle right photo in this collage shows four of the WHO ladies standing by a very sturdy picnic table along the trail. These tables not only provide a picnic/resting spot for hikers, but serve as "mile markers" throughout the trail system.

Depending on the time of year one visits the trail, a variety of wildflowers can be seen. The day I hiked, there were Mayapples (top photo) and Fire Pinks (lower right). The lower left photo shows how the trail was adorned with white, fallen dogwood petals, as those trees traded their blooms for green leaves. I felt like I was walking down the aisle of a wedding, where a little "flower girl" had scattered her basket of white flowers in anticipation of a bride following behind her!

In recognition of National Trails Day on Saturday, June 12, there will be a frenzy of activity on David's Trail, complete with gear give-aways and guided hikes. You can email to find out a complete listing of events for that day. Also, David's Trail has a FANTASTIC website ( where you can see a map of the complete area, check the weather, calendar of events, post your own photos, participate in a forum or blog, order gear, and read more about David Floyd. Just as the website can make known to you the path of David Floyd, the Bible can make known to you the path of the psalmist, David: "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." Psalm 16:11---- I am praying that you will have miles of smiles on YOUR path of life! Tricia
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