Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hawaiian Sunsets

There are SO MANY enjoyable activities that one can do when they are visiting the Hawaiian Islands, it is impossible to "do it all" in one visit to such a place. This photo shows the ever-popular surfing and boogie boarding on Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu. The sailboat on the horizon is an example of another activity---taking a day-sail trip on one of the catamarans that are moored on the beach, ready to take on a new boatload of tourists several times a day. Yet another activity is strolling the beach with your camera, hoping to capture an incredible scene like this one: The sun seemed to have singled out this particular sailboat to shine down on and engulf in all its glory, in an otherwise cloud-covered atmosphere. When I was actually seeing this in "real life", I kept thinking, "This is amazing!! I wonder what the photograph will look like? Will it even begin to capture the beauty and the rarity of such a sight?" (Well, at least it was a rare sight to this viewer who lives in a land-locked state like Arkansas, where there are no oceans on ANY of the state's borders.) I saw the shining "glory hole" open up in the clouds on the horizon several minutes before the sailboat actually went through it. I was silently hoping that the hole would stay open until the sailboat passed through it, and to my great delight, it did! The result is this photo!

If the catamaran sailboat is not your "cup of tea", you can still experience a day-sail on a more traditional, V-bottom sail boat such as this one. They generally cost more that the boats that hold more people, but will probably give you more of a "crew sailing" experience. The first time I ever did one of these trips was with my husband and my son, down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Part of the allure of that boat was that it had originally belonged to famous TV anchor-man, Walter Cronkite. It seems that being a "TV anchor" was second only to "lifting anchor" on his sailboat, in terms of his favorite activities! In this photo, I happened to be strolling the beach whenever the boat was returning to its mooring spot on the protected harbor near the end of the Waikiki Beach, just after sunset.

You can take one of the charter sailboat trips at any time of the day. The location of the sun in this photograph shows that this trip was in the late afternoon. Such excursions often include an opportunity for the guests on board to take a swim in the ocean for a short time, or perhaps even do a little snorkeling. Some even include a picnic on a near-by island.

I have had the opportunity to do many other activities in Hawaii, such as scuba diving, outrigger canoe rides, snorkeling, touring the coffee and pineapple plantations, submarine cruise, and attending traditional luaus. All these are wonderful and fun, but they can run up quite a tab, in terms of fees and equipment. That is why I am writing this blog to tell about an activity in Hawaii that was THE MOST ENJOYABLE of all of these, on my last trip to the islands. It was simply strolling the beach, watching the various activities, and photographing all the beauty that my eyes were seeing----ESPECIALLY the sunsets!! With a heart full of gratitude, I was experiencing Psalm 113:3 that says "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised." Visualizing the beauty of a sunset on the ocean, is very relaxing----especially after days and days of rain and clouds like the Ozarks has experienced these past several days! So regardless of where you are, just close your eyes and let your mind go to a beautiful sunset or sunrise that you can remember! It will give you miles of smiles!! Tricia

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