Saturday, September 3, 2011

Canopy Tour

When I googled the phrase "Canopy Tour", there were 1,520,000 results!! Although I did not check out every single reference, my estimate is that most of those references dealt with the kind of Canopy Tour shown in this photograph. In the past decade, I have come to think of a Canopy Tour, as a trip through the treetops of a forest, largely because of the publicity received, when such tours started being offered in Costa Rica and other similar forests. The one in this photograph is actually at the Ferndale Center, near Little Rock, Arkansas. The tour was a part of a course I was taking there, called "Becoming an Outdoor Woman".

Another kind of canopy is the type shown in this photograph, that is a square of fabric, used to cover areas, such as this beautiful, Southern California outdoor patio.

Yet another type of canopy is the "canopy of shade" that this wooden arbor provides. This particular canopy is in that gorgeous neighborhood of Southern California, that I recently had the opportunity to spend time in. Because one of the areas in that neighborhood was called "Canopy", it got me to thinking about all the images that come to mind when one hears that word.

I called this post a "Canopy Tour", because, all but the first of the photos were taken on my recent visit to Southern California, that required me to put the word "Canopy" into my mapquest! The arbor pictured in the previous photo, is shown again here, from the bottom of the hill which it presides over in the "Canopy Neighborhood".

This expansive park that the neighborhood is blessed with, is just minutes from the Pacific Ocean---a definite plus, if you are a fan of going to the beach! On the day this photo was taken of me at the neighborhood park, I was content to be a "land lubber", and simply enjoy strolling on the well-maintained walking trails!

The glass roof shown in this photo forms a canopy of weather protection to the palm trees and people beneath it. What is above that glass roof canopy is even more wondrous! Isaiah 40:22 makes this statement about God's creation: "He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in." I am thankful for the expeditions I have been able to take under the canopy God created, as well as expeditions involving the man-made canopies I visited in Southern California!! Hope you will keep on exploring all the amazing experiences YOU can have under God's canopy! Miles of smiles!! Tricia

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