Friday, May 25, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge Expedition!

 There will be a huge waterfront festival around the Golden Gate Bridge near San Francisco this weekend, as the bridge is celebrating its 75th anniversary!  
 There are many ways to get good views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This photo shows a time I visited with my Cousin Martha, and we went aboard for a boat tour, that took us to the bridge via water.
 It was a beautiful, clear day for capturing the blue sky above, and the blue water below the famous orange icon.
 This provides views underneath bridge. The bridge connects to expansive parks on both ends, making this one of the largest national parks in an urban setting.
 Most folks have probably read the stories or seen television programs about the building of the bridge, but there is nothing like seeing it in "real life" to make for an unforgettable image in your mind!
 On my most recent visit to the area, my Cousin Debbie and I crossed into The City about 10 am, so the top of the bridge was still hidden by a misty fog.
 When we went back across the bridge later the same day, the tops were clearly visible.  This photo shows the many ways to get across the bridge---pedestrian, car, and bicycle.
 One pays a toll when they cross the bridge going INTO The City, but there is no toll to cross the bridge coming OUT of The City.  (My cousin taught me to say "The City", instead of San Francisco, so I would not sound like such a hillbilly!)
 On going preventive maintenance on the bridge means that high speeds are prohibited.
 I have often heard Jesus Christ described as a "bridge" between God and the human race, as illustrated in the familiar verse of John 3:16 that says "For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."  That verse tells about a "heavenly bridge" I am eternally thankful for!  If you would like to celebrate the 75 year history of the Golden Gate Bridge, just log onto for details.  Other helpful websites to plan your visit are, and .  I can guarantee, a visit here will give you golden memories and miles of smiles!  Tricia
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