Thursday, March 14, 2013


 I was delighted when someone from Hearst Publications contacted me, saying they had seen the blog I wrote about Crystal Cove State Park, and were interested in possibly using some of my photographs, in an article they were preparing for one of their publications.
 So, I went through my photo files, and found those from the August 15, 2011 article I wrote about my visit to Crystal Cove State Park.
 The occasion for the visit was to check out the possibility of using this beautiful setting for a future family reunion.  We enlisted an unsuspecting tourist to take this group photo of us at the park.
 At the time of our visit, there had been several nationwide news articles about the high salaries paid to some lifeguards on California beaches.  According to the sign, this particular lifeguard station is staffed by the California State Parks, and I have no idea what the salary of the lifeguard shown, happens to be.  However, it is obvious that he has some GORGEOUS vistas from his "work cubicle"; most likely, that lifeguard would be very hesitant to change job positions with a worker confined to a windowless office space, staring at a computer screen all day.  How much better to be staring at the water and beach, on the lookout for anyone in distress!
 There is quite a history to Crystal Cove, and I went into more detail about that history in the previous blog, which you can access by going to the archives, listed on the right hand side on this page.
 It was interesting to me that one of the old cottages had been converted into an open-air "Beach Museum", as a part of their "Arts in the Park" Exhibition. 
 The bright aqua paint of the old cottage makes it stand out against the other cottages, available for overnight rentals.
 The exhibition included many different types of artful expressions, related to life on the beach.
 The name of the exhibit was "Up Close, Weathered, and Beautiful".  It helped me see the  way that things that are very old can still be beautiful, as their surfaces reflect the storms they have endured.  This includes "weathered people", as well as "weathered building materials"!
 For those people who do not bring a picnic lunch from home, there is a cafe where you can have a delicious meal or snack, while you gaze out at the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean.
 Since I come from a land-locked state, where beach umbrellas are less common than California, I am always fascinated by their colorful presence on the sandy shores, like a variety of  multi-hued wildflowers pushing out of the ground.
 These picturesque cottages are near the cafe, and seem to me would be an idea location for an overnight gathering of family and friends.
 The other cottages are spread out along the beach, and the California State Park system has placed placards throughout the park, giving some of the history of this magical cove.  This kiosk tells about the old-time practice of "Cabana Camping".
 Elevated decks have been built in some parts of the park to make it more handicap accessible, plus one of the cottages is listed as being totally wheelchair accessible, inside and outside.
 All of the cottages have a name, and you can pick out the one you would like to rent---based on its appearance, cost, amenities, and availability at  .
 I had never seen a wheel chair like the one in this photo, but I can imagine it would be just the thing for a wheel-chair bound person to get out for a "beach stroll/roll". 
 Even though a visit to Crystal Cove State Park may be less luxurious than an expensive, five-star resort property on the ocean, its charm is undeniable!
 I was even able to see a few people collecting shells along the beach, as well as enjoying the water activities on a sunny summer day on the California coast.
 I remember reading an account of Evangelist Billy Graham's life that said the publicity he received from the newspapers of Hearst Publications very early in his career, helped draw in larger crowds for his ministry.  So if the fact that Hearst Publications contacted me about using some of my photos, that is good news, if it helps more people join me in being a TURNER to Matthew 6:33 that says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."  Just like this photo of the Pacific Coast Highway, the highway of life is an exciting adventure when you seek God first----it will give you MILES OF SMILES!!  Tricia
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