Monday, July 15, 2013


 It was my first time to participate in the Mt. Shasta Fun Run/Walk ( ), so I was a little confused when the Master of Ceremonies (shown in this photograph), quipped that this popular annual event, might be the only run/walk one could participate in, where they would weigh more at the end, than at the beginning.
 However, I only had to walk a short distance to begin to understand what he was talking about.  I encountered a table full of delicious samples of California cuisine!
 This elaborate display from Ray's Food Place, was visually appealing---in front of the equally visually appealing, snow-streaked Mt. Shasta---as it prepared for the runners/walkers to pass by.
 The local water bottler, Crystal Geyser, was encouraging participants to take a free bottle of water as they proceeded through the course.
 One vendor was pouring up samples of smoothies made from red fruits, as quickly as possible, to have ready for those passing by.
 Another table was dishing up samples of smoothies made from yellow fruits.  Both were delightfully delicious and refreshing!
 This was the first race I had been in where cheese sticks were given to participants, along with their choice of whole fresh fruits.  One could even register for a door prize, if they wanted to take the time to do so!
 And who would have thought one would find gourmet, organic and vegetarian treats offered up on a crispy whole grain cracker??!!
 I was completely amazed that one of the local restaurants was actually giving out samples of one of their entrees, PLUS melon pieces to "cleanse the palette"!
 The local tea store was offering a variety of tea samples for us to try!
Yet another vendor was giving bags of baked crisp grain snacks, as well as samples of packaged snacks made from seaweed! 
 These cute girls were busily dipping up generous samples of what tasted like strawberry milkshakes, but agreed to smile for the camera when I said I wanted to take their photo. 
 This is the most cream puffs I have ever seen in one place, and it was only the lure of additional food samples further down the street, that could get me to move past these delicious pastries!
 The local brewery was not giving out beer samples, but they were serving up a famous brew accompaniment---yummy sausages!
 Notice the grill at this vendor's booth.  Now imagine the great aroma that provides to passersby!
 Just think how "labor intensive" it was to grow the fruit, wash the fruit, chop the fruit, spear the fruit----for these colorful samples!
 I have to admit that my favorite of ALL the samples was the ICE CREAM!!  (After all, it was hot, and July is National Ice Cream Month!)  We had a choice of chocolate or vanilla---BOTH were going fast!
 These guys look very professional with their chef coats on, and in a typical professional culinary manner, had created height variations (covered in white tablecloths!) for the platters of delicacies they were displaying for participants to sample. 
 Even the local Papa Murphy's store had their servers out delivering fresh-baked pizza samples on the street in front of their store.  Did I mention pizza was my favorite entre??!!
 And check out this very patriotic looking vendor----The Apples of Gold company that sells fresh fruits in California.  The name of their company is a reminder of the verse in the Bible where that phrase "Apples of Gold" comes from.  It is Proverbs 25:11, and says "A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold, in settings of silver."   I would like to aptly speak a word of PRAISE to all the folks who made the Mt. Shasta Fourth of July celebration so much FUN.   If you would like to plan your very own "Taste of Mt. Shasta", just click on to get you started.  The friendly people and natural beauty of this area will give you "MILES OF SMILES"!  Tricia
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