Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lookout Mountain Expedition!

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, sits at the base of Lookout Mountain.

One of the lesser known attractions on Lookout Mountain is the Battlefield National Park, which has hiking trails, historic structures, great views, and picnic area.

When my friend and I arrived at Lookout Mountain, on our way to a Road Scholar ( ) program in Florida, we bought tickets to go inside the caverns that contain the famous Ruby Falls ( ).

Ruby Falls has special lighting effects that enhance its beauty and magnificence.

We also bought tickets to visit the iconic Rock City ( ).

We were there for the St. Patrick's Day celebration, so the water had been colored green!

Anyone who has done much traveling in the South will remember the famous "See Rock City" signs that were painted across the roof of old barns.  In this photo, my friend and I posed inside one of these "barns", that was built to look like a birdhouse.

For more information on all there is to do on this famous mountain, click on  .  It is guaranteed that a visit here will give you "MILES OF SMILES"!  Tricia