Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Expedition for Health!

Although I have mentioned First Place 4 Health in some of my posts, and I have a link to it on the homepage of my blog, I have never really explained what it is. For that reason, I decided to reprint this news release sent out to area media in Mountain Home, Arkansas: #### Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on weight-loss programs and products. Many are on a search for a quick fix, unwilling to consider permanent changes in their lifestyle as the answer. However, the participants in the FBC First Place 4 Health classes have discovered that the Bible holds the answer to the obesity epidemic. By following the First Place 4 Health program, a faith-based weight loss plan supported and endorsed by registered dietitians and physicians, members of FBC First Place 4 Health classes have lost hundreds of pounds. Meeting in weekly support groups, the members of FBC First Place 4 Health classes follow a 12-week curriculum that is centered around achieving balance in four essential areas of their lives: emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical. First Place 4 Health helps members learn how to be victorious over past eating patterns and how to commit their minds and, ultimately, their bodies to God. FBC First Place 4 Health Leader, Tricia Turner, who is a Registered Dietitian that has worked in the field of weight management and wellness for over thirty years, states that she is a proponent of the program because it addresses the core issues that affect lifestyle choices. She explains that it is not just another "weight loss scheme" to con people out of their valuable time and money. The First Place 4 Health program has delivered faith-based, weight management instruction and support to small groups meeting in communities around the U.S., since 1981. First Place 4 Health has been active in more than 12,000 locations with over a half million members! The program points members to God's strength and creates a compassionate support group that helps members stay accountable in a positive environment. A free, informational meeting will be held at FBC (400 Club Blvd.) in Mountain Home on Wednesday, January 7, at 6:00 PM, to provide an overview of the program. There is no charge to attend the weekly meetings, but each participant must procure their own copy of the necessary literature. The First Place 4 Health Member's Kit, and First Place 4 Health 2009 Bible study entitled "Begin with Christ" can be ordered from major booksellers everywhere. For more details on First Place 4 Health, visit their website at or . "First Place 4 Health is about more than weight loss---it's about lifestyle change that encourages every participant to find balance in his or her own life," states Carole Lewis, National Director of First Place 4 Health.
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