Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trinity Hiking

Although I know by faith that I am always hiking with "The Trinity", my recent visit to my son (pictured in first and third photos above) who lives out west, found me hiking in a physical location that actually bears the name "Trinity"! My son took me to an area in the Shasta-TRINITY National Forest that was high up in the mountains and listed in the publication "100 Classic Hikes in Northern California" as #52--Mount Eddy and the Deadfall Lakes. We started rather late in the day, after he had been working several hours, so we never actually made it all the way to Deadfall Lake; however, we covered enough territory to get in our RDA (Recommended Daily Activity) of 10,000 steps and I was able to satisfy my RDP (Recommended Daily Photography) requirement to the point of completely annoying my companion. If you would like to try this hike, you can get more complete directions at the Mt. Shasta Ranger District Office in Mt. Shasta, California. Miles of smiles and 10,000 Steps! Tricia Turner
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