Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 What is "wellness"?  When I first heard that term over three decades ago, I was working as a Registered Dietitian at the hospital in Harrison, Arkansas.  At our state dietitians' meeting back in the 1970's, one of the physicians who spoke to the group talked about dietitians changing their paradigm from nutrition professionals who worked with sick people, to instead, working with ALL people, to KEEP them healthy, so that they did not become sick in the first place.  After that seed was planted in my mind, I attended  a couple of annual "National Wellness Conferences" in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, that broadened my horizons even more on the topic.  The world-class speakers challenged the health care professionals in attendance, to see that good health included more than just physical well being.  It also included spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being.  Back at my place of employment in Harrison, Arkansas, a core group of the hospital  employees and community members formed what we called the "Boone County Wellness Task Force."  The logo on our letterhead read "Toward a Healthier Community", and we met regularly to plan events that would promote that mission.  So it is with great satisfaction that I am once again in the position to be promoting "wellness", by leading a new session of First Place 4 Health ( ) with a book called "Motivated to Wellness"!
 Instead of a hospital setting, these classes will take place at First Baptist Church, 400 Club Boulevard, in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  Based on proven techniques and more than 25 years of experience, First Place 4 Health invites you to try the most complete Christ-centered healthy living program available.  First Place 4 Health will help you create balance in the four core areas of your life---emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical.  Doing so will promote good health (aka, "wellness") from the inside out!
 Although this church has a modern look on the exterior, it is actually older than Baxter County itself!  That is because the church was chartered BEFORE the area we now know as "Baxter County" had been designated.  Previously this area was a part of what we now call Marion County, Arkansas.
 I learned a lot about the history of FBC Mountain Home, when we celebrated the 25 year anniversary of the church's move from its old location near the Mountain Home square, to its present location on Spring Street.  The Christian Life Center addition (shown in this photo), was the part of the physical facilities of FBC that originally peaked my interest, when I first started working in Mountain Home back in the 1980's.  The Christian Life Center ( CLC ) had a gymnasium in it, and an indoor walking track, and they had aerobics classes, and a pool table, and a ping pong table!  I liked the fact that physical activity was recognized as being important to the members there. (  For information on all the exciting events and worthwhile ministries taking place at FBC, just log on to  or phone 870-425-6961. )
 And if you prefer outdoor activities, the expansive lawn and 30+ acres of campus provides multiple opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.  In addition, there are just a few yards separating the great facilities of First Baptist Church, Mountain Home, from the beautifully landscaped acreage of the city's expansive Cooper Park.
 This photo shows the prayer chapel on the FBC campus, and reminds me to say that my prayer is that you will consider participating in the upcoming session of FBC First Place 4 Health, using the book "Motivated to Wellness".  The book can be ordered from most Internet book sellers for under $20, but there are no other fees to participate.  The classes will meet weekly from January 9 through the end of April.  The first class will be at 5:45 PM on Wednesday, January 9.  If you have additional questions about First Place 4 health classes, you can email me at  .   My thoughts as we begin a new year,  reflect the prayer from III John 3:2 that says "Dear Friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."  Praying you will have "Miles of smiles" in 2013!  Tricia
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