Monday, January 14, 2013


 There is a picturesque area in Solano County, about halfway between San Francisco and California, that is a great spot to visit.  It is called Suisun City.  Suisun means "west wind", and was also the name of the original Native Americans who lived in the valley.  Originally, the city was an island, connected to nearby Fairfield, California, by a causeway.  This body of water eventually can connect a boater to the Sacramento River or the San Francisco Bay, and was designated by Field and Stream  magazine as being among the top 50 places to catch the "fish of your dreams".  If the "fish of your dreams" is closer to a delicious hunk of grilled salmon in a nice restaurant, then now is an especially good time to visit Suisun City, because they are promoting their annual Restaurant Week from January 18 - 27, 2013.  You can see menus and get more details at .   This photo shows part of the Suisun Marina, with their Suisun City Hall in the background.
 The Harbor Plaza park along the waterfront is the site of many special events, including a lighted-boat Christmas parade, Fourth of July fireworks, and numerous arts/crafts extravaganzas.
 On the day that I visited, a local olive grower was showcasing their extensive line of artisan olive oils, and allowing visitors to taste the various varieties.  The knowledgeable exhibitor was also educating interested visitors, on the expanding and popular olive grove industry in California's central valley. 
 This vendor had a plethora of hand-crafted, locally made jewelry,  clothing items, and other accessories, that would make the perfect souvenir of your visit.
 When I visited the Suisun Waterfront with my cousins (Brenda is on the left, and Debbie is on the right, in the photo), we enjoyed strolling the Waterfront Promenade, after consuming a delicious brunch, at a quaint restaurant across the street from the park. 
 The Suisun Marsh is the largest continuous brackish body of water, remaining on the West Coast of North America, and as such, it is a critical part of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento River Delta Estuary ecosystem.
 I was reminded of my visit to Suisun City when I was mentally going through images in my mind, of lighthouses I had photographed.  I was trying to find a "mnemonic device" to help me learn one of my memory verses for my weekly healthy living class ( )  Psalm 89:15 says "Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD."  I have definitely been blessed by the Lord, and blessed by my cousins, who took me on a walk along the  promenade, in the sun light of God's presence, beside the reflection of this picturesque lighthouse.   My Suisun Waterfront Expedition gave me "Miles of Smiles" and will do the same for you!!  Tricia
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