Friday, September 5, 2008

Delta Air

The term "Delta Air" took on new meaning for me last week at 4 in the morning, as I entered the Delta Airlines Ticket counter area in the Memphis airport, and saw that it was full of Delta AIR MATTRESSES! I have heard of a hospital being so full that patients are put on beds in the hallways, but this was a first for me---to see an airline terminal full of airmattresses, with each one having a green blanket over it, covering some sort of big, lumpy thing underneath. I determined the big, lumpy things under the green blankets must be sleeping humans, as every mattress had a pair of humanbeing shoes setting beside it. I strolled down to the other airline counters and they were empty of airmattresses, green blankets, and sleeping humans. Upon inquiring to a Security Guard, I found out that Delta airlines was the only airline there that throws a big "bunkin' party" for guests stranded in the middle of the night due to a flight delay of some sort. I guess with the other airlines, you slump over in one of those waiting room chairs if you have the misfortune of getting stuck in an airport at night. I don't know the whole story of the incident, but all in all, I thougth it was a really good demonstration of Southern hospitality in the "delta" of the Mississippi. Sweet dreams!
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