Thursday, September 11, 2008


When I was doing some reading on the life of Ernest Hemingway (more on his Arkansas connection in a future blog), I found out that one of his long-time friends was a man named Evan Shipman. Since I have friends and relatives with that name, I was intrigued. So with the help of the ever-present Google search engine, I learned a lot about Evan Shipman, including the fact that he wrote a literary piece entitled "Mazeppa". The only other experience I had with the word "Mazeppa" was back in the last century while I was in college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, when us twenty-somethings used to watch a week-end, late-night television show out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that we referred to as "Mazeppa". So I continued my "wild goose (translate Google) chase" for more on this word "Mazeppa". That led me to this quote by John Wooley of the Tulsa World that said "If you were of a certain age in the early "70s, and you were living in or around Tulsa, Oklahoma, the name "Mazeppa" symbolized something almost magical, a shared experience of a place and time..." Wow---he hit the nail on the head! Continuing on my hunting expedition, I found out that LOTS of people identify with that "shared experience", so much so, that there has been a movement to keep the memory alive by reproducing copies of Mazeppa's old shows, and selling them through the wonders of---you guessed it---the Internet. Go to on-line store if you want to know more. Let's see, where would I like to go "wild goose chasing" next? Let me rephrase that for any animal rights readers who do not believe in hunting down wild animals: Where will my next surfing expedition take me??????
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