Tuesday, September 9, 2008

San Francisco Bay

There are many ways to experience a city, but I have always been partial to the water route. And if you share that desire, there are many modes of water transportation that will give you an overview of that great city on the bay---San Francisco. For large groups, the Blue and Yellow Tour Boats have been operating for years, and even offer magic "translator" ear phones for non-English-speaking customers. Groups can also use the official Alcatraz Island Tour Boats for a cruise that includes a stop on the famous island for the "bad boys" of the past. There are also charter sail boats and kayaking and jet skis available for rent. And of course, for those who want to make headlines, there is always the swimming route. However, unless you have the skill and stamina of Michael Phelps, I would not recommend the latter. On the day after Thanksgiving when my group was there, it was an absolutely gorgeous, clear fall day. Notice in the photo above that even the sea gull could not pass up the opportunity to hitch a ride on our lovely cruiser! Even though we often see pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in a bank of deep fog (which makes a great photograph), if you are actually out on the water going underneath the famous landmark, I would take a clear day for sure! So don't let the end of the warm days of summer keep you off the water---it's a great way "float your boat" to a memorable experience!
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