Friday, September 5, 2008

Rollin' on the River

Just like Tina Turner sings in her famous song, I was rollin' on the river! Having followed the Mississippi Flyway used by migrating birds for hundreds of years, I started at Memphis on the Mississippi River, and now I was at the "Quad Cities" on the Mississippi River. (Of course, there was that tiny little detour over to the Atlanta, Georgia airport---probably the migrating birds do not have to deal with "airline hubs" like us homo sapiens do) Anyway, it was a beautiful night to be out on the river on a big excursion boat called The Celebration. This is one of the riverboats that goes downriver every three years to participate in the festival known as "Tall Stacks". The last Tall Stacks I attended was in Cincinnatti, Ohio two years ago. Any excursion boat on the Mississippi or one of its tributaries that is "worth its salt" makes the pilgrimmage to this great event to celebrate everything good, as well as everything historic, about our country's riverboat heritage. Advance ticketholders (via Ticketmaster, of course) can have breakfast on one boat, lunch on another, and an evening dinnershow on yet another! The big boats raft together along the city's docks, in the order that they will be launching, and it is one big, fun party! If you like water, and boats, and history, and good music, and good food---this one's for you! Ahoy there---I'll see you on the river!
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