Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Olympic Cauldron @ Dark-thirty

Viewing the cauldron just as it was getting dark, and there was a slight misty rain falling, had two advantages: There were nice reflections on the wet pavement, plus the crowd was smaller!

Spectators were able to take an elevator to a viewing platform a little above street level. The Canadian fans in this photo had a good idea for back lighting the Canadian flag with the Olympic flame.
When the Olympic cauldron flame was first lit, there were alot of complaints from the spectators about the chain link fence being a great hindrance to photographing the beautiful structure. So officials listened to the comments, and made some adjustments. This included putting Plexiglas on the bottom of the fence, instead of metal chain links; leaving a space between the Plexiglas and the metal chain links for camera lenses to get through; and, moving the fence in some, so that spectators could get closer. Fortunately, the rain did not extinguish the flame, which burned brightly "rain, sunshine, or snow"!Posted by Picasa