Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Island Life" in Vancouver

Since Vancouver residents are known for their active lifestyles, it is not surprising that this is reflected in the famous Granville Island. There one can arrange scuba diving, fishing charters, totem pole carving classes, or cycle/walk the beautiful waterfront promenade. There is even a special pontoon boat (lower left photo) to carry you and your bicycle across the water, if you don't feel up to pedaling on the busy bridge that connects Granville Island to the "mainland".

All this activity, of course, works up an appetite, and there are plenty of places to take care of that. I liked the clever "Stock Market" cafe that specialized in stocks (soup stocks, that is), and there were plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth, such as the strawberry tarts pictured here. After all that exercise, and a delicious meal, you'll probably want to rest, and there is even waterside housing available for the fortunate people who make arrangements for those accommodations (upper left photo).

I had heard on the NBC Today show about the Silk Weaving Studio, so I for sure wanted to visit that place. During certain times of the year, they actually have silk worms on display that you can see "manufacturing" strands of silk! I was most interested in their large floor-model looms, however, because my great grandmother had one of these looms and made the family several woven cotton rugs, that are now family heirlooms.

The abundant moisture in Vancouver is one reason things grow so good there, as evidenced by the beautiful flowers and plants for sale at Granville Island. No visit to Vancouver is complete, without a jaunt to Granville Island, because you will have "miles of smiles" at every turn! Tricia
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