Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympic Curling Match Scenes

The lady who sat next to me at the curling match had been on a curling team in the past, and she told me the reason the Olympic Curling Match opened with a traditional Scottish ensemble of bagpipes, drums, and kilts, was because curling was originally started in Scotland.

The Olympic team from Norway created quite a stir in the media because of their checkered trousers, in a sport that usually is more restrained in its choice of athletic attire. Any myths that men can't sweep, are destroyed in the game of curling, because they use those "brooms" they are holding to "sweep" madly, trying to make the solid granite "stone" get to the center of the target.

Some people say curling is a boring sport for spectators to watch. Apparently, this young man thought so, as he never looked up from his hand-held video game to see what was going on down on the ice.

There were four countries out on the ice at one time: Norway vs. Switzerland and Canada vs. Sweden. Since this was my first (and probably the only) curling match I will ever see, I was sort of "swept off my feet" with intrigue by the whole atmosphere!
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