Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Que Line Diffusers

My first experience in Vancouver with what I would later find out were called "diffusers", was waiting in line for the first hockey match I attended. Because of the extensive security screening for each spectator, there can be long lines waiting to get in to the arena. In anticipation of the angst and impatience of large crowds forced to wait in line for long periods, officials planned for designated groups of people to "diffuse" crowd unrest, by getting the crowd involved in fun activities. The volunteers shown in this photo were leading us in the proper arm movements for participating in the "YMCA" group sing-along. They also led us in the "Cotton-eyed Joe" dance, and "Do the Hokie-Pokie" routine. These activities not only made the time pass quicker, but kept the volunteers and ticket holders warm during the waits outdoors.

This mean-looking hockey player/actor was entertaining folks waiting to get inside the Samsung Pavilion at one of the Vancouver Live venues. He would encourage spectators to get their picture made with him, and if they did so, give them a souvenir Samsung Olympic souvenir lapel pin. (He was the one that suggested I make a fist, like I was going to hit him.)

This well-dressed barbershop quartet was outside the curling arena to entertain folks, waiting in line for that event. They sang many old familiar songs, and would take requests from the crowd, as well. They illustrated advice given in the Bible for staying joyful---"Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." Ephesians 5:19b

This pretty duo was inside the tent that led to the ice curling arena. By the time you got to hear and see these ladies, you were almost to your seat!
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