Friday, March 5, 2010

Olympic Transportation Methods

The "futuristic" looking building in the top photo is one of the early buildings at LAX, and is often used as a geographic symbol in movies and videos to show the viewer the scene is located in Los Angeles. In this case, it was my point of departure for my Air Canada flight to Vancouver, Canada. I was delighted that the pilot flew over the place where my son worked, even though he didn't "honk the horn" to let him know I was overhead. The lower left photo shows Mt. Shasta in the foreground and Black Butte Mountain beside that, both located in norther California. My son works in the valley between those two mountains. Shortly after the plane crossed into Oregon, we were flying over Crater Lake National Park, shown in lower right photo.

My Olympic ticket covered the cost of taking the "Sea bus" (top photo) across the bay to the North Shore. Unfortunately, the Olympic ticket did not include free rides on the float planes! (lower photo)

My main method of transportation, once I arrived in Vancouver, was "by foot" (upper left photo). This led to interesting discoveries underfoot, such as the honorary sidewalk medallions given to artists in Canada's Entertainment Hall of Fame. My foot is pointing to singer Diana Krall's medallion. I used the Sea bus (upper right) to get across False Creek, that is between Granville Island and the park on the waterfront where the corporate sponsorship pavilions were located. I also used the "sky train" (lower left) and various automobiles (lower right). I didn't use a pedicab, but they were too cute to leave out of the collage!

The upper left photo shows the underground location of the light rail "Canada Line" that serviced many events. One of the stops on that line was called the "Roundhouse", and had a historic steam engine on display there. The photos on the right are forms of transportation, but more "for looks" than function! All these different forms of transportation provided me miles of smiles in Vancouver!
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