Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Security Screening for Spectators

Numerous tents at each Olympic venue were set up so that spectators could go through the same basic security screening as what is currently being done at most U.S. airports

Spectators took off their coats, bags, and other belongings which were then put through an x-ray machine. Then each spectator had to go through the metal detector gates. If they made the detector "buzz", then they were given the once-over with the special "wand" and a pat-down. The spectator in red on the left has a big smile, as though she is enjoying the pat-down!
Each spectator ticket had a bar code, and the bar codes were recorded by the "doorkeepers" at each entrance to the spectator area. This helped cut down on a problem that arose in past Olympic events---counterfeit tickets
What are the odds that the gatekeeper at the security tent you go to, has the same name as you? Well, that is exactly what happened to me! The gatekeeper saw that my name tag (mine is shown on the left) had the same name as her name tag! (hers is on the right)Posted by Picasa